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Labor and Job opens the door of hope for job seekers in all technical, medical and administrative disciplines,,, Labor and Job between job seekers and employers to fight unemployment by the hour, by the day or by the month,,,, Labor and Job of a Saudi application with global thought in multiple languages.
Bab Karim e-marketing management

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Diverse Professions

The application contains 12 sectors, and under each sector there are multiple professions, and the sectors are medicine - food - art and media - transportation - construction - family service - music - management - crafts - .financial accounting - sport - saftey and security.

Round the clock service

Communication with service providers is available and is not related to holidays and vacations, so whoever has the desire has to activate the available feature so that the customer can communicate with him.

Multiple languages

The application covers most of the services of the current countries and languages, Arabic, English, Urdu and Indonesian, and in the future, languages will be added on demand

Free Download

Don't bother, the download is free, just choose the store (App Store - Google Play - App Gallery) then download the app and register immediately.

Diverse experiences

The application contains service providers of different nationalities, and each nationality has artistic touches in developing the profession, and the choice is open to the customer.

Easy and fast

The application is characterized by the ease of registration and providing most of the fields that distinguish the service provider and fulfill its desires with a fee of 10 SAR and become able to receive requests from customers.

How The Application Works

1 Enter your details

Register through Facebook or Google or fill in the fields that appear in front of you

2 Select your location

Determining the location enables the service provider to access without delay

3 Request the service

Choose a sector from the nine sectors and a list of professions will appear and ask for what you need 

4 Communicate with service provider

You will be shown the highest rated service providers and you can filter the offer by nationality, age, gender and place of residence

Our services around the world

Labor Job is useful for every user looking for work, not prevented by international borders, and a good gate for those who want additional wages,, a friend of businessmen and a door of a livelihood for people who do not have educational qualifications 

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